Paul Ygartua is an eclectic and multi-faceted, revolutionary artist. His creative process has the potential to challenge and emerge into new areas; the profound transformation between style and subject. There is in his art the sheer inexhaustible power of imagination, the spectrum of work between abstraction and figuration, a fascinating journey that captivates and challenges the viewer.

The complexity and diversity of Ygartua’s creations are a testament to his genius, consequently reflected in his mastery and diversity of techniques which are astonishing. His indomitable spirit and fervor motivates him to change course, moving from one style to the next, impatient and impulsive.

He does not paint for posterity, he is unconcerned about eventual homogeny in his artistic production. Yet, it seems there is a predominant guiding principle in all his creations, the same mastery of technique, the same presence of colour, and an absurd spontaneity.

There is a great sensuality and power in his artwork and he is exceptionally prolific; from the beginning of his career he displayed an interest in subject matter of every kind. His great stylistic versatility enables him to work in several mediums and techniques at the same time.

Creation and interpretation are Paul’s life. His continuous study and work on techniques and painting mediums are apparent throughout his vast body of work. He is complex in his imagination and expression, as evidenced by the many styles and techniques he has mastered over the last 40 years. A brief description of the art of Paul Ygartua is virtually impossible.

He is a visionary with an acute sensual perception and a facility to express these dramatic emotions with a spontaneity that brings life and emotion to the subject. This takes on many forms and many directions to the needs of his deep and expressive imagination. Some need fast spontaneous physical expression, other forms need more time and yet still capture the impulsive character of Ygartua.

He has single-handedly painted some of the largest public space murals in Canada and the United States. His works are appreciated for their originality and intrinsic value and can be found in museums, as well as corporate and personal collections worldwide.